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Open RAN: A Big Opportunity for Enterprise Connectivity

Presented by:
Joseph Chu
, Senior Product & Solution Manager
Jan Berglund, Director of Product & Solutions, International Business Development & Marketing


Comba New Antenna Update for 5G Macro Network Solutions

Presented by:
Justin Zhang, Product Manager


Powering Future Network with Smart DAS Solutions

Presented by:
Naki Yu, Regional Product Manager


Indoor Small Cell Drives a New Possibility for 5G Private Networks

Presented by:
Marvin Zhong, Product and Solution Manager


Featured Speakers


Joseph Chu

Senior Product & Solution Manager

Joseph has worked in telecommunications for over 18 years, with expertise in product management, technical support, solution design, and project management. He oversees the OpenRAN business of Comba International.

Featured Speakers


Jan Berglund

Director of Product & Solutions, International Business Development & Marketing

Jan has over 20 years of experience in business planning, strategy, marketing, product management, wireless and datacom in the mobile network industry. He oversees the company’s network business growth and strategic directions on Open RAN macro, IBS solutions and enterprise/private network opportunities.

Featured Speakers


Justin Zhang

Product Manager

Justin Zhang is a product manager at Comba Telecom, where he supports the business development of the Antenna and Subsystems. He has over 4 years of experience in antenna technology and is currently responsible for product management, and roadmap planning for European regions.

Featured Speakers


Naki Yu

Regional Product Manager

Naki Yu is the technical sales manager at Comba Telecom, responsible for providing technical advice and solutions design for different application scenarios. Naki has thirteen years of telecom communication experience, specializing in fiber transmission, microwave transmission, and in-building system technology.

Featured Speakers


Marvin Zhong

Product and Solution Manager

Marvin Zhong is familiar with RAN and small cell products. With over 13 experience in the telecommunication industry, he currently is currently the solution manager at Comba Telecom, supporting the network system team in product management and solution design.

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