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Brochure: Open RAN Single Band and Multiband RRU

The latest Open RAN brochure introduces the strengths and special features of Comba's single band and multiband RRUs for the deployment of both legacy and 5G connectivity in both rural and urban areas, offering power efficiency and reducing TCO for operators.


Whitepaper: Expanding 5G Indoor Connectivity with Open RAN

This whitepaper mainly discusses the role of Open RAN solution for indoor wireless connectivity and present a case study on the network CAPEX and OPEX saving by introducing Open RAN into the 5G NR roll out.


Infographic: Open RAN becomes mainstream?

Open RAN implementation is expected to double from 35 active deployments in 2021. Riding on the 5G wave, this infographic presents figures that pointing to a trend of increasing adoption of Open RAN technology in multiple regions


Infographic: Open RAN for 5G Indoors: Market Perspectives

The infographic gives a snapshot of perspectives from CSPs, operators and enterprises, reflecting their expectations and planning on open network solutions. It goes with the spending/revenue forecasts on Open RAN RRUs and radios for enterprise markets from research institutes.  


Open RAN infographic: Seizing Cost Reduction Opportunities in Mobile Sites

The challenge in 5G, which requires a revolution in network design and architecture, is to build an infrastructure that can meet diverse service needs, at the same time, cost-effectively. Comba’s RRUs are compatible with major partners providing virtualized CU/DU functions in Open RAN ecosystem.


Meet IoT and 5G Challenges with Flexible, Open Small Cells

Comba Telecom has developed an end-to-end picocell solution - 5G iCell, that includes everytning needed: BBU, rHUB and RRUs. Based on Intel technologies such as high-performance and reliable Intel processors, Intel FPGA and Intel eASIC devices with a cloud-native open radio access network (ORAN) architecture, the solution is reconfigurable to serve different network slice and service configurations.

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